Our mission is to encourage the understanding of international affairs and develop a greater appreciation and acceptance of other people’s opinions, cultures, beliefs and attitudes. From leadership skills to team work, we aim to empower the youth for the future.


AT UETMUN we provide a platform for active simulation of thought-provoking debates that promote knowledge of international affairs, research, parliamentary procedures, analytical reasoning, complex problem solving and negotiations. Our vision is a future where the youth can chalk from its own past experiences to participate in the decision-making process at both national and international level.


UETMUN is one of the most prestigious societies of UET which primarily calls for all the national diplomats to engage in meaningful committees that result in development of a favorable resolution. We set different cultural trends and provide platforms in which delegates can participate where they can showcase their skills and excel at debate. UETMUN encourages people especially our enthusiastic diplomats to engage in social links. Working for their well-being and aiding them to make a better version of themselves is our sole purpose.


UETMUN returns with the third edition of maximal and integrated debate to discuss circulating affairs of global importance. With a commoving environment of diplomacy and exhilarating socials, University of Engineering and Technology is the pioneer among Public Sector Universities to arrange a Model United Nations Conference, making a mark in the MUN Circuit in a very short time. UETMUN invites you to be a part of the difference we ought to make, a legacy we want to set and the DEMOCRATIA REGNAS we want to manifest.



As I begin to reminisce the early days of UETMUN Society, I vividly recall five to six confused faces gathering at one of the university’s lawns to discuss the idea of forming an official MUN Society at UET. Followed by that idea was a bumpy ride full of ups and downs which I like to call as, “My favorite mistake” during the four undergrad years at UET. Proudly, this endeavor went on to generate unimagined success and made its mark in the national MUN circuit within a short span of three years. From winning 30+ awards at coveted venues to arranging the first ever national-level MUN conference in the history of the institution, UETMUN society and its members are just starting up. I have no doubt about the hard-work and persistency of UETMUN’s members and executives towards maintaining a high caliber and true definition of Model UN debates at UET. For the current torchbearers of UETMUN Society, I wish all the success and glory in achieving personal as well as collaborative success and always remember that, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Umair Riaz | Founder UETMUN


United Nations Security Council

United Nations Human Rights Council

Disarmament and International Security

پاکستان قومی اسمبلی

United Nations Women

Marvel Crisis Universe

UETMUN III Executive Council


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